Dan started off training with me in 2018 weighing in at 88kg. I trained Dan twice per week with full body workouts while he stuck to his eating plan i set him. The results are incredible!

Dan was able to lose a massive 24.8kg! His lifestyle has changed for the better and maintains his weight around 63kg.


Adrian is still an ongoing client, but his results to date as somewhat impressive.

Adrian started off at 294lbs and in the 9 weeks he has trained with me, has lost 25lbs so far.

Training twice per week with full body workouts has seen his wait drop dramatically.


When I first met Shaun he was 126kg (left photo). We implemented a manageable calorie deficit alongside training 3 times per week and these are the results!

Shaun has managed to lose 15.4kg to date and now weighs 110.6kg. Our next goal is to get down to 100kg!


Ben started training with me back in March 2018, where he weighed 114kg (251lbs). 

We trained twice per week and followed the if it fits your macros (iifym) approach with dieting. Ben managed to lose a huge 31.3lbs in 12 weeks!

Just shortly after the second photo was taken, Ben informed me that his weight was 99.8kg, which was the first time he'd been 100kg or under in over 10 years!


Chris started training in late 2017 weighing in at 121kg.

He trained three times a week and followed the diet to the letter. He was very busy most weekends so we reduced his calories Monday - Friday to allow for more on the weekend.

He added a lot of muscle, but lost 11.5kg (25lbs) of fat!


Liz started training with me back in 2017 and lost 35lbs of body fat, added muscle and improved her health!

We started in June 2017 and finished in December 2017. A sustainable, manageable calorie deficit with 2 weight training sessions per week achieved this. 

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